Wednesday, July 27, 2005

8 Family Hotel Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips to make you and family feel more secure away from home as follows:
  1. When booking your hotel room, make sure that the room comes equipped with deadbolts and peepholes.

  2. Ask for rooms that open into the interior of the hotel, compared to the outside of hotel. Interior of rooms provides more safety because thieves can not monitor your coming and goings.

  3. Make sure that all windows and doors are securely locked. And if your room has a balcony, make sure there is a net around it so your kids are unable to slip through.

  4. Try to get a hotel that utilizes electronic keys instead of regular keys. Electronic keys are reprogrammed after each stay of a guest.

  5. If your room comes with a safe, lock up your valuables. Don't leave valuables in plane site; more people have access to your room than you think.

  6. Locate the emergency exits in case of a fire.

  7. Teach your children how to call the front desk and 911 (or the country's equivalent) in case of an emergency.

  8. Do not mention your room number in public, you never know who is listening.

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