Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Brunei's own tour guide association 'in the works'

Work to establish a tourist guide association in the country is underway, and it is hoped that it could be registered by this year before Brunei applies for membership to the World Federation of Tour Guide Association (WFTGA), a tourism official said yesterday.

The relevant authority will also be stepping in to regulate tour guide activities through a licensing system to be implemented in future. Currently, the country only has the Brunei Association of Travel Agents.

As the tourism industry in Brunei is still in its early stages of development, a growing number of tour guides in the country believe that an establishment of such an association would create new winds for them to sail further.

The work of tour guides, in the words of Sheikh Jamaluddin Sheikh Mohamed, the CEO of the Brunei Tourism Board, “can make or break a holiday.”

“Therefore, it is important for the tour guides to be professionally trained,” the tourism chief said in an interview with the Bulletin yesterday.

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