Thursday, May 12, 2011

Borneo Jazz 2011 goes green

MIRI: Borneo Jazz 2011 is also promoting and creating awareness on environmental and green issues to those attending the festival from May 12 to 15.

Sarawak Tourism Board chief executive officer Datuk Rashid Khan in a press conference here yesterday said: “Miri is always far ahead in terms of environmental issues and STB wants to play some role and contribute towards this effort by trying to reduce the amount of waste, especially plastic waste.”

“As you can see in any event, wastes are created by attendees. We will be working with the city and other agencies on these matters,” said Rashid, adding that they have been working closely with Miri City Council and got the framework from Natural Resources Environmental Board.

Drinks vendors have been advised to use bamboo to reduce or minimise the usage of plastic cups or mugs to serve beers and other beverages.

“We have engaged with vendors to make sure that they comply. The concept of using bamboo is not only environmentally friendly but also unique. We have tasted it before and it didn’t affect the taste or quality of the beer,” he added.

Bamboo has been widely used as drinking cups by people in this part of the world. It is part of the culture and lifestyle of Asians here, he added.

The introduction of bamboo cups or mugs would be a unique experience for both locals and foreigners going to the festival.

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