Saturday, November 19, 2011

Borneo’s premier five-in-one edutainment hub

KOTA KINABALU: A five-in-one entertainment hub, the Borneo Discovery Centre (BDC) is set to become an ultimate attraction to local and foreign tourists.

“It is a 5-in-1 Edutainment Hub consisting of a science discovery centre (SPARKSTM, WATERWORKSTM, PLETHORATM, NATURE-VENTURETM), a planetarium with a built-in observatory (BEYONDTM), a mini educational building blocks theme park (BLOCK-O-RAMATM), a 4D motion theatre (MOTIONTM) and an auditorium hall (D’STAGETM).

“BDC also features an indoor playground (PLAYPENTM) and live science shows (DEMOPADTM),” said Venus Advance Technology Sdn Bhd chairman and director Jay Rahman to the Borneo Post yesterday.

He explained that the BDC’s architecture was set to be the green technology icon of East Malaysia, boasting a supremely modernistic architecture reminiscent of Mount Kinabalu landmark in its design profile which would mainly take the shape of the mountain’s peaks and utilising green technologies, such as solar and wind power.

It would also be designed with the intent to be a new activity hub where outreach programmes and special events for schools, universities and professionals could be organised.

“While it is recognised that formal educational institutions will fulfill the primary objective of producing science literate people, BDC is where knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts and processes are communicated to the public through informal learning environment that emphasises hands-on exploratory learning rather than a formal text-based approach.”

Rahman added that the existence of BDC would not only increase science literacy of the local community but would also provide a regional hub for science and technology-based activities and would further the development of its surrounding area and creating job opportunities due to the need of BDC as a new organisation for staff crew to execute and put development plans into action.

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