Sunday, April 15, 2012

Timber walkway at Sandakan Memorial Park ready

Sandakan: The newly-constructed timber walkway at the Sandakan Memorial Park (Sibuga Forest Reserve) was officially opened by Forestry Department Director Datuk Sam Mannan, Saturday.

The walkway connects with the Contemplation Area, which last year was erected on the site of the former RSL Memorial Plinth.

It provides a beautiful and tranquil approach to the main pavilion and information centre.

The Sandakan Memorial Park commemorates more than 2,200 Australian and British Prisoners of War (PoW) held captive in camps in Sandakan during World War Two.

In one of the great tragedies of the war, only six of them, all Australians, survived the war.

The project was initiated to correct inaccuracies on the panels of the 1985 Returned Services League (RSL) Memorial which was brought to the attention of the Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG) by Mannan.

Construction on the new walkway commenced in late January 2012.

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Cross Laminated Timber CLT said...

If I am right, along the path on this park which is surrounded by greeneries and ponds, you can also see some wartime relics such as a rusting excavator, a generator and boiler which have been left here since the end of the war. There are also numerous plaques and inscription in the park describing in details the sad tales that took place at each of the spots.

Top Quality Logs said...

The clearly sign-posted Sandakan Memorial Park is well maintained and beautifully landscaped, which makes it ideal for solitary soul-searching strolls.

Canadian Homes said...

I like how the park offers a commemorative pavilion that holds educational material and includes a scale model of the original POW camp. Very interesting.