Saturday, May 03, 2014

Ride the waves at the Tip Of Borneo

Kudat is making a name as a surfer’s paradise, writes Olivia Miwil

FOR the last three years, surfers have been making their way to the Tip of Borneo to ride the waves.

By word of mouth, the reputation of Tanjung Simpang Mengayau in Kudat, at the northernmost tip of Borneo, has grown and things are looking up.

Tanjung Simpang Mengayau is already a popular tourist destination because of its location at the top of the Sabah map and its annual Sunset Orchestra which has attracted many visitors over the years.


Tapping into its potential is a band of enthusiasts who foresees the area becoming a surfers’ paradise. Surfer Ivan Tan has set up a company to promote the water sport activity at the beach located 200km from Kota Kinabalu, a three-hour drive or 30-minute flight to Kudat.

“The waves roll from about 1.5m to 2.5m high and that’s good enough for beginners to learn and for the more experienced to enjoy a good surf. The beach here is less crowded compared to those in Tanjung Aru and Likas in Kota Kinabalu and Tuaran which allows more space for surfers to glide around,” he says.

Tan says surfers are willing to travel far and wide to find a good beach to hit the waves. But for the enthusiast from Kota Kinabalu, Simpang Mengayau is his personal pick, the very reason why he decided to set up Deep Borneo Adventures four years ago.

The feedback he gets from those who have surfed at the Tip, which is also the point where South China Sea and Sulu Sea meet, is that the waves and its surrounding are ideal especially during the monsoon.

“The best time is during the south-western monsoon from June to August and north-eastern monsoon from November to February,” Tan adds.

Seasoned surfers often make their own arrangements to get to Simpang Mengayau. However, for the novice, it’s advisable to go through experts and seasoned surfers.

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