Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sabah Film Academy push filmmakers to next level

Ten Sabah filmmakers was given a golden opportunity to hone their filmmaking skills under the tutelage of international mentors through Sabah Film Academy in Kota Kinabalu, recently.

Sabah Film Academy is an intensive film production programme to train young filmmakers on various skillsets and knowledge in filmmaking by producing a short documentary within 8 days, with workshops, pre-production meetings, principal shooting and post production support led by a team of established Malaysian and international mentors

The international mentors for the Sabah Film Academy sessions are their Dean and Director Marcus Vetter from Germany, Film Editor Jacques Comets from France, Emmy nominated composer Miriam Cutler, and Malaysian Director of Photography Filus Ghazali.

World Class Mentors

Sabah Film Academy Dean and Director Marcus Vetter is an acclaimed filmmaker, and his films have received attention at national and international film festivals as well as winning numerous prizes, among which are 3 Adolf Grimme Awards, the German Oscar. His films and documentations are feature length films such as The Tunnel (1999), My Father The Turk (2006), Heart of Jenin (2008), Hunger (2009), Cinema of Jenin (2011) and The International Criminal Court (2012).

Film Editing mentor Jacques Comets has edited or produced 41 films since 1986, working with directors such as Bernard Stora, Raoul Peck, Christine Pascal, Djamshed Usmonov, Ramadan Suleiman, Pablo Aguero, Tsai Ming-liang, Tonie Marshall, Massoud Bakshi, and Dima El-Horr. He has been involved in editing several feature films in Morocco, Palestine, Colombia, Lebanon and Vietnam. He is currently head of the Editing Department at French National Film School.

Meanwhile, Emmy nominated composer, Miriam Cutler has an extensive background scoring for independent film and TV projects. Her passion for documentary film has led to a focus on non-fiction, which includes Oscar nominated Kingspoint and Poster Girl, Emmy nominated Ethel, Vito, Thin and Desert of Forbidden Arts as well as Emmy winning Ghost of Abu Grahib. She is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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