Friday, August 05, 2016

Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival performers continue annual tree planting tradition

KUCHING: Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2016 performers continued the annual tradition of tree planting by planting 150 mangrove tree (Rhizophora Mucronata) seedlings yesterday.

The tree planting event, held at the Kuching Wetland National Park (KWNP) located about 14km from the city centre, has been a RWMF side event since 2011.

RWMF performers have planted more than 1,000 trees at the KWNP over this period, according to Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, & Culture, Datu Ik Pahon Joyik.

“These mangrove trees will grow into a habitat for marine life as well as provide sustenance for local wildlife, such as the proboscis monkeys.

“These trees will also become a buffer zone for the coastal areas,” said Ik Pahon.

He noted that the RWMF, which prides itself as being eco-friendly, has continued with its yearly greening efforts, including organising bus shuttles from the city to the event to alleviate carbon emissions, making it mandatory for vendors to use recyclable or compostable plates and placing recycle bins throughout the festival venue.

“This year, the greening efforts also include waste management and composting so that none of the waste from the festival truly goes to waste,” he added.

He thanked the RWMF performers and hoped that their experience here will not just leave memories but also be a living reminder of their visit to the state’s forests.