Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Curios Traveller: The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Sutera Harbour Resort @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - Dinner at Silk Garden

Silk Garden Chinese Restaurant was featured in Malaysia Tatler’s Best Restaurants list of 2009. Recently (2016), it’s once again in the list. Repeating the same triumph indicates that this particular restaurant is worth visiting and so we did. We had such great moments, eating the best food at this Chinese Restaurant.

Located next to the tranquil gardens and landscaped ponds of The Pacific Sutera Hotel, the restaurant enjoys fabulous views of the yachts by the marina, the swimming pool, swaying trees and the South China Sea against a picturesque backdrop of the islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.  One great restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, located in within a 5-star resort complex but with affordable prices.

Our Arrival and The Layout

Soon as we came in, two lovely young ladies, Ms Nurul Nasharina and Ms Ivy greeted us and warmly welcomed us. They politely introduced themselves and were more than happy to have their photo shot by our lenses. Our first impression, service is definitely top-notch, not that too formal as in fine dining restaurant but great enough to be served ‘as Kings’. The ambiance of the entrance really reflects total Chinese characteristics. The food? Honestly, we had no expectations when we came in.

We’ve been to so many Chinese Restaurants already and we’re not that sure if this restaurant will be serving us much better Chinese food. We were seated at the rear of the restaurant thus giving us the perfect view of the on-going throughout the restaurant. Then there was Mr.Micheal Ang, the Outlet Manager of Silk Garden.

He had no idea that we are food critics and travel writers. All that was in his mind, we’re regular diners and he seemed to tried his very best to suggest great dishes for the two of us. We let him do the explanation in details about each of the sub menu.

We’re pretty much amazed by his suggestion and we then decided to let him chose the best one for us. We told him about our budget and ability to eat large portion of foods. He simply recommended this and that, and all of his suggestions were truly delectable, most importantly in within our budget which is RM200. Ms Yap then came serving us that famous and refreshing Chinese Tea.

With a genuine smile, she greeted us and started pouring that tea into our mini Chinese cups. She keep coming back to pour more tea for us, a task that can be done by ourselves actually. She must have the sharpest eyes as she knew the right moment to come to pour tea for us.

While waiting for our food, we revealed our identity to Mr Micheal Ang and he’s obviously delighted to have us dining at Silk Garden. We had to reveal our identity as we need to go around and take some photos of the restaurant.

Micheal must have been in pretty much happy as he earlier suggested the best food of Silk Garden for us. We went around to take some photos and we’re amazed with each tiny details being looked into by the Management, across this entire restaurant, be it the interior or exterior. No wonder the restaurant is listed by Tatler’s!