Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bidayuh Bisapug to showcase culture

KUCHING: Bidayuhs from the Bisapug tribe will be organising a cultural night cum pre-Gawai dinner on May 23 to promote the tribe’s culture and tradition said to be slightly different from those of the other Bidayuhs.

It will also be the first pre-Gawai event organised by Sarawak Bisapug Association (SBA), formed to promote, preserve, document and exhibit the Bisapug culture as the pride, identity and symbol of the tribe.

According to SBA president Paul Kawin Pipo, the Bisapug tribe came down from Darud Bunggu some 300 years ago. They now number 6,000 and live in four villages, namely Simpok, Mundai, Sarig and Pesa.

“We are different from other Bidayuhs in terms of the colours in our traditional costumes, dressing, food, and even the way we speak the dialect,” he said in an interview yesterday.

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