Friday, April 04, 2008

Ezo Zone: Kubah National Park's cool!

JESSICA Alba may not know this but she brought sexy back to Kubah National Park with her 2003 film, Sleeping Dictionary.

The story, about a young, idealistic colonial officer posted to Britain’s deep-jungle Sarawak outpost in 1939 and his forbidden love with sexy, local tutor (Alba), was filmed around the area and managed to paint a lush picture of Borneo – the kind that has since lured many tourists to the island.

Naturally one would think that even the locals would make a mad dash to the park, following in the footsteps of the Hollywood celeb. After all, look at what Lord Of The Rings did for New Zealand tourism.

Sadly, that was not to happen with Kubah. Since the film’s release and the gazetting of the park in 1988, Kubah remains Sarawak’s least known national park although it is the most easily accessible from Kuching – just a 20-minute leisurely drive through the town’s many famously huge roundabouts that dot the urban landscape.

Glamorous Camp

But for guests like myself, few tourists only means good news. Like having the waterfall all to yourself – yes, the same one that gave the film that stunning backdrop in its publicity gig. Or getting the park rangers accompany you on the many trails, drinking in the scenery and sharing in the forest knowledge from those that know the area well.

Still, it can be a bit unnerving camping on the park’s 2,230-hectare ground with just you and the photographer... and perhaps a handful of park rangers on night duty.

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