Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Road Trip To Kuching

From JG's Journal:

This is one of the many trips we had traveling Sibu-Kuching-Sibu and Miri. A road trip to Kuching from Sibu, in precise is very far and boring... it's as long as 5-6hrs drive, 420KM on almost perfect tarred road although you may see a little potholes and patched road repairs here and there but honestly it's improving so much compared to traveling Sarikei-Kuching when I was a child at practically every CNY where dad's car either ended up with a hole in the exhaust or something else damaged after a long dusty, unpaved roads journey. It was both burn a hole in his pocket and a heartbroken to see his car's condition made worse was when traveling on rainy days on the muddy gravel roads.

I grew up traveling Sarikei-Kuching on road alot thus what makes the trip interesting was... nothing in particular! Except, tropical fruits at fruit season, leafy vegetable, green hills and several longhouses along the way.

We pulled over for a quick lunch at Lancao(?) bazaar and what amazed me was I've been to this bazaar for many of times since young and still find the corner coffeeshop crowded with travelers taking a break and a rest before continuing on with their journey respectively.

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