Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sleepy Sarawak Bidayuh village comes alive

KUCHING: On any other day, Kampung Panchor Dayak is a quiet sleepy village nestled in the largely farming district of Serian.

But in the month of December, this predominantly Catholic Bidayuh village, 45km from here, shows some signs of unusual life.

Favourite Christmas carols could be heard in almost every home in this village of 600. Faces which neighbours, friends and relatives have not seen for a while, are suddenly back home.

The Christmas trees, usually the plastic evergreen conifer trees, and homes spruced up with shiny decorations are tell-tale signs that Christmas is just around the corner.

The air of festivities could be felt in this close-knit village, about an hour's drive from Kuching, where almost everyone is related in one way or another.

Folk who had migrated to work in other parts of Sarawak, peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and neighbouring countries are slowly trickling home to celebrate the festival.

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