Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Over 5,000 visit Sibu museum since Aug 1

SIBU: Most visitors to the Sibu Cultural Heritage Museum (SCHM) in Central Road are impressed with the layout and the rich display of informative exhibits there.

Michael SL Wong, a 45-year-old engineer who was back from Singapore for holiday recently, said the visit not only transported him down memory lane but also enlightened him about the history of Sarawak in general and Sibu in particular.

“Honestly, I must admit that I am not aware of the history of Sarawak, or Sibu for that matter. The enterprising and meaningful visit had indeed enriched my knowledge about the history of Sarawak,” he added.

Wong said one section that impressed him was the corner that introduced Sarawak’s multi-racial population, the cultures and the various festivals.

“This is not something that can be found easily in any other parts of the world. Sibu Municipal Council must be commended for their efforts to turn the previous SMC administrative building into a museum centre,” he added.

Entering the museum, visitors are greeted by the three busts of the purported founders of Sibu, namely Wong Nai Siong, Teng Kung Suk and Teo Chong Loh, and a brief explanation and history about the trio and their contributions as the founders of Sibu.

The round building makes it convenient for the visitors to appreciate the exhibits without having the trouble to visit the same corner twice.

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