Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sarawak Tourism Board to launch RM1mil promo blitz

THE coming months will be a busy time for the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) with several campaigns on its to-do list.

Final preparations are being carried out for a RM1mil campaign that will launch in Singapore next month, while road shows to Korea and Japan are also scheduled.

The Singapore campaign will include advertisements in newspapers, radio and television.

STB CEO Datuk Rashid Khan told reporters in Kuching yesterday that the campaign’s content would focus on niche tourism.

“We want to showcase our products, but more importantly, we want tourists to know in advance how long they should stay in Sarawak to experience their choice of product,” he said.

The campaign, which will last for six months, will be launched by Tourism and Heritage Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan in Singapore.

Rashid described the campaign as “integrated and tactical”.

He said it was important for the Singaporean public to know what they could expect in Sarawak, adding travel agents themselves did not have the funds to do so.

“It is noted that in the past, the board targeted its marketing efforts at the travel trade - people like agents and other operators - now, we are advertising directly to the public.”

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