Thursday, January 05, 2012

Book Review: Colourful guide to Borneo

PHOTOGRAPHS in Enchanting Borneo, a colourful book by travel writer David Bowden, are beautiful enough to enchant one to plan a trip to the world's biggest island, Borneo.

Though it is not written like a typical travel guide book, it is handy for those making a trip there soon.

The 80-page glossy book is visually-driven and packed with basic information and interesting facts that will guide you on your destination.

The colourful travel photo book also makes a well-informed guide for those who wants to know more about the richness and diversity of Borneo.

The first chapter is an overview of Borneo where Bowden touches on the geography, history, people, the uniqueness of the habitats, plants and animals, as well as the adventures and lifestyle.

Borneo is home to a rich profusion of flora and fauna. With such a wild landscape, it's not surprising that it offers tourist a wealth of thrilling adventures like climbing the world's highest “via ferrata” on Mount Kinabalu, white-water rafting on a raging jungle river and even water skiing around the Borneo coastline.

Borneo is an unrivalled destination for adventurous eco-travellers.

Major parts of the book dissects all four places — Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei Darussalam and Indonesian Kalimantan — in four individual chapters.

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I've been to Borneo 2 years ago and the experience was fantastic. The landscape is perfect that I never stopped taking pictures.