Sunday, February 05, 2012

1M’sia Cultural Village a new landmark for Sibu

SIBU: A new cultural landmark has sprouted next to Taman Bukit Aup here to showcase Sibu as a community of harmony.

The landmark is a two-acre resort built to incorporate the colourful life of the Rajang River Basin.

Called the 1Malaysia Cultural Village, the holiday destination was a project of Zoo Bee Enterprise Sdn Bhd led by managing director Ying Tieng Chai who had visualised Sibu as a cultural gateway to central Sarawak.

In a press conference yesterday morning, Ying said the masterpiece was inspired by the people who had lived in harmony in the Land of the Hornbill.

“Within the village are houses of the various racial communities including those of the Orang Ulu, Iban, Melanau, Malay and Chinese. These are surrounded by an open-air stage where cultural performances focusing on the unique cultural colours of the people in dances and music will take place.”

He said cultural food like pansur — meat stuffed in bamboo tubes cooked over an open fire, sago dishes, umai (Melanau raw fish) and Foochow dishes will be showcased.

“This cultural centre will take about half of the resort’s land, while we shall dedicate the other half to showcase the tropical rain forest garden that includes both outdoor and indoor greenery unique to Borneo island,” he said.

He said the project was near completion and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak expected to open it soon.

He believed the resort would attract national attention and hoped it would live up to the spirit of warm hospitality of the Rajang Basin.

Gearing towards the village’s opening, Ying said they had fixed a celebration for nine consecutive days and nights beginning Feb 11.

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