Thursday, February 02, 2012

At the tip of Borneo

A motorbike road trip to Kudat in Sabah is significant enough for Henry Golding, even without eventful stops along the way

I’M not a usual rider of two-wheeled crotch rockets, yet when the opportunity arises, I’m first to slip on a sweltering helmet and kick the gears like nobody’s business.

A free spirit pummeling down the gravely roads is what it feels like.

So when we get the assignment to set out on a 150cc crosser from Kota Kinabalu (or KK) to Kudat, describing myself as pleased is quite an understatement. Kudat is at the tip of Borneo.

If you’re to rent anything which eats up petrol and gets you from A to B in KK, I hope you’re renting it from the guys at Go Go Sabah. They know their stuff.

With a pantheon of ready-to-go motorbikes and cars, including off-road tours and on, the company is a one-stop shop for your motoring needs.

Three and a half hours don’t sound too long a time to be on the road. In a car perhaps, yes.

But whistling away, sitting on a motorbike for that long, scenes from the classic Spaghetti Western flash before me. You know, the type where you see a cowboy walking down the dusty street, legs a good yard apart. In other words... saddle sore.

An hour in and I am beginning to get the symptoms. But that is far cordoned off in a compartmentalised area of my brain called “things to endure for the sake of good TV”.

That joins memories of the time we climbed Gunung Tahan and when we got stuck at sea till 6am.

Luckily for me, it is time for our first stop at Fresh Jungle Honey Farm, a sweet treat from Mother Nature’s little hard workers.

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