Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Celebrating cultural diversity through Gawai and Kaamatan harvest festivals

Petronas through its ‘Planting Tomorrow’ campaign celebrates the cultural diversity of Malaysia, particularly the traditions of the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak, for the coming Gawai and Kaamatan harvest festivals.

The campaign comprises a series of advertisements to be published in Sabah and Sarawak newspapers as well as a music video broadcast on YouTube that encapsulates elements of the two festivals for all Malaysians.

Petronas commissioned a group of youths to produce two pieces of bead artwork – one each for Gawai and Kaamatan – the images to be used to print the advertisements.

The artwork themed ‘Nurture people and they will shape the future’, employ intricate traditional motifs and portray some of the key elements of Petronas’ operations in East Malaysia. They are produced via a technique used by indigenous people for generations.

Mia Palencia, a local talent from Sabah Petronas has in a joint effort produced a music video of the song ‘Kembali’, composed by Mia to educate the younger audience on the significance of the harvest festivals.

Kembali can be viewed on Petronas’ YouTube page www.youtube/user/PETRONAS

‘Planting Tomorrow’ carries the message that all ‘crops’ – agriculture, business ventures or human capital development – must be nurtured to their fullest potential to yield benefits that could be reaped for generations to come.