Sunday, November 04, 2012

10 Rare Adventures Spots Around Sabah For Adrenaline Fix

Fancy an adrenaline rush? Make sure you tick these adventures off your list while you’re in Sabah:

1. Wreck Diving at Usukan Bay

If you’re looking for something more spectacular to see on your next scuba diving adventure, why not head down to Usukan Bay to check out the World War II Japanese wreck? Explore the fascinating Usukan Wreck, Upside-down Wreck and Ricebowl Wreck while you’re here.

A caveat: wreck diving is only for experienced leisure divers (minimum PADI Advanced Open Water Diver). If you’re already a PADI Open Water Diver, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?

2. Spelunking and Rock Climbing at Batu Punggul

Far off the tourist-beaten tracks of Kota Kinabalu city is the Batu Punggul, which is located nearby Sapulut town—a small town in Sabah’s Interior Division. Batu Punggul is a large limestone massif and cave with 90-degree vertical climbs. Quite a great deal of climbing is required to reach the cave.

Nonetheless, the enthralling view from the top is worth the taxing climb. A word of caution, climbing is strongly not recommended for those who are afraid of heights.

3. Mountain Torq Via Ferrata

If you’re one of those people who have climbed Mount Kinabalu more than once on the normal trail, then it’s time to give the Via Ferrata a go. You can pick whether to follow the Low’s Peak Route or the Walk the Torq Route.

What’s best about Mountain Torq Via Ferrata—which is also the highest in the world and the first in Asia—is that no experience or special skills are needed to qualify. Just be sure to have plenty of gumption and an adventurer’s spirit!

4. Mountain Bike Expedition in and around Sabah

Get your cycling gear ready and hop on your mountain bike for an exciting tour around Sabah! Depending on the places you want to see (and your fitness level), you can opt for either a day tour or a multi-day excursion package. Be spellbound by the beauty of Sabah’s natural surrounding while feeling the breeze against your skin and burning some calories in the process.

For weekend activities with friends and family, skip the car and go for a cycling road trip instead.

5. Paragliding in Lohan Village

Ever dreamed of learning how to fly? Now, you too can soar and glide up in the sky overlooking the scenic Lohan Village. Having risen in popularity in the past two years, paragliding is fast becoming an adventurer’s pet sport. If you’re a beginner, you can paraglide with the tandem flight team which is supervised by licensed and experienced trainers.

Besides Lohan Village, there are also several other places for you to fly, such as in Tamparuli’s Ruhiang Hill and in Kokol Village.