Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Entertainment industry can support Sabah tourism

KOTA KINABALU: As Sabah expects its tourism sector to grow, there is a need for more entertainment for visitors.

Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun said the state capital needs more variety of entertainment to cater to its tourism industry.

Speaking during a press conference here yesterday, to announce the winner of the Open Mic Competition held on Nov 16-17, he hoped comedy could become part of the city’s entertainment and tourist attraction.

“With the establishment of stand-up comedy entertainment in Sabah, the tourists will have more choice in terms of entertainment, in fact most of them are from English-speaking countries so there’s no problem for them to enjoy the comedy,” he said before presenting the prizes to the winners at his office.

Masidi added that his ministry is supportive of the Comedy Club in harnessing the local talents to become comedians because, according to him, it is a lucrative industry, on par with music industry where a performer can earn up to RM30,000 per hour of show.

“We Sabahans tell jokes daily. Perhaps it’s time we earned money out of it. I know being a comedian is not easy as you need to be a fast thinker but I believe there are many who are naturally talented. A comedy show benefits both the performer and the audience.