Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 Things You Must Know About Orang Utan

Orang Utans is to be considered as the most intelligent primate species on earth. Even until today, numerous biologists and scientists are still trying to discover the secrets of these unique primates. They have a long and slightly reddish brown colour fur on their body. Their behaviour, social life and characteristics still remain a mystery to us humankind.

Then again, unlike any other primates or monkeys, the Orang Utans uniqueness is what caught most of our attention. Other than that, Orang Utans are currently facing threats and extinctions. In the past, most of the Dayak and Sumatran people resided in Borneo, captured Orang Utan for its meat and fur.

Based on Orang Utans statistical population report which was done by the Rehabilitation Center at the Kuching Semenggoh Rehabilitation Center, there are a total number of 1200 compared to past previous years. Their population growth is actually showing a positive sign.

To get to know them better, here are some fun facts about the Orang Utan:

1) Nesting Ground

 In a day, they can actively make three to four nesting trees in a day.

2) Average Life Span

Uniquely, the Orang Utans life span is similar to  human beings. They can live up to an average of fifty to sixty years of age.

Currently at the Semenggoh Rehabilitation Center, the eldest male Orang Utan is Ricthie currently aged 34 and eldest female known as Seduku aged 56 years old.

3) They Dislike the Rain

Weird but true. Orang Utans can be the best weather reporter around town! If they looked at the sky filled with thick dark clouds they will start building a nest to prevent them from getting wet inder the rain.

Be sure to lookout for Orang Utan that is busy building a nest on such weather. You will know what the weather is like for the day!

4) DNA Similarities

Researchers managed to unlock their secrets a little and found out their DNA sequence have the highest similarities to human beings. Similarities percentage is at 90 to  91 percent!

Does this mean the Darwinism Theory of human evolution from an ape is true? No one knows.

5) Orang Utans Get Periods

Like a normal opposite human female, they do have periods. The female Orang Utan period cycle is about the same as a female human.

6) Pregnancy Is Normal

How long is the Orang Utan pregnancy before her first born child? Believe it or not female Orang Utan even went through a nine months pregnancy before having child birth!

Is it not amazing?

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