Saturday, February 15, 2014

Getting to Bako National Park in Borneo

A big part of any adventure is getting to your destination, especially when your goal is a national park in one of the wildest islands in the world. While Kuching in Borneo is more modern than most people think before visiting, getting to Bako National Park from the capital of Sarawak, Malaysia is still a thrill.

Finding the bus stop –

The first goal is to find the bus that goes to Bako. You can either walk to the bus station or get a taxi. I grabbed a taxi and wish I would have walked because the ten minute cab cost more than the 45 minute bus ride.

Grab the bright red bus 1 run by Rapid Kuching.  It leaves from in front of the buffet restaurant called Toko Minuman Jumbo at 6 Jln Khoo Hun Yeang. I highly recommend grabbing a bite to eat here before departure. Buses depart every 30 minutes from Kuching between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

If you have trouble finding it just ask around. Most people in the area are accustomed to seeing backpackers leaving for Bako. Once you are on the bus, it is a breeze as the bus ends at the Bako bazaar where the next step of the journey awaits. The national park has a kiosk here where you can buy your entry into the park and a boat to get there.

Hiring a motorboat-

Bako is so pristine that there are no roads into the park. The only way to get to the entrance is by motorboat up the Tabo River. The boats cost RM47 each way, which is about 15 usd. This is the cost for the boat, so if you are with a group you can split the costs. Sometimes you can find other travelers on the bus or at the bazaar and pair up to reduce costs.

The boat ride is a magnificent introduction to the beauty of Borneo and Bako. Be on the lookout for crocodiles and eagles on the way into the park.

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