Sunday, February 02, 2014

Malaysia / Borneo: Kuching – Orangutans

Warning warning: not a food post. There’s only orangutans within.

Really, really cute orangutans though. :)

We had to see orangutans when we went to Borneo, since they’re native to Borneo and Sumatra.

There’s actually two species: the Bornean orangutan and the Sumatran orangutan. We saw the Bornean orangutan on two occasions – once at a wildlife centre called Matang Ai (which, I wouldn’t recommend, it’s a bit of a sad place – cages and concrete enclosures) and the second time at Semenggoh Nature Reserve.

The Bornean orangutan is the third heaviest living primate (after the two species of gorilla) and is the largest truly tree-dwelling animal.

Wild male orangutans typically weigh 75kg, but can weigh up to 100kg, with females averaging 38.5kg and up to 50kg.

They have very long arms that are twice the length of their legs, with coarse and shaggy red coats – you can see how long the arms are in the pic.

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