Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sabah Fest 2014 - Aki Nabalu

In this year’s Sabah Fest – A Cultural Extravaganza, we bring you Aki Nabalu, showcasing six ethnic groups in Sabah Malaysian Borneo that rely on Mount Kinabalu as a central feature in their traditional, cultural and religious beliefs.

Each ethnic group will be highlighted in respective acts during the stage performance of this year’s Sabah Fest production – one of Sabah’s most anticipated annual premier events.

With the local indigenous beliefs and diverse practices of the Kadazandusun and Murut, Mount Kinabalu is more than a geographical landmark.

It is also believed to be the resting place of the departed souls, hence known as the Land of the Sacred Mountain.

The Kadazandusun community opens the curtain with the Pampang, which tells of the origin of Mount Kinabalu and mankind.

They believe that Mount Kinabalu was created by the female supreme deity, Umunsumundu, while the male supreme deity, Kinoingan or Kinahoringan, created the sky.

Imbued with its mythical elements, Mount Kinabalu is featured predominantly in local folklore, still holding sway in both the spiritual and secular life of many indigenous communities.

The show will then feature the Dusun Ranau ritual, the Monolop, appeasing the Spirits of the Mountain.

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