Saturday, December 26, 2015

Poring Hot Springs - Jelly legs and jungle people

Following our expedition to the top of [this part of] the world, we headed to the Serindit Hostel at Poring Hot Springs.

Everyone knackered, we had a very early night. We all woke up the following morning in quite extraordinary amounts of pain.

Quads and calves were absurdly tight and there was much hilarity at attempting to descent steps.

The only time I can recall similar discomfort was after the Yorkshire Three Peaks last year - but I'd actually done some training for that; this was worse.

Our accommodation was simple; shared bathrooms, few facilities, but most of us had aircon and the communal area was a great space to chill out, drink beer and chat.

The following day was spent hobbling about the Poring Hot Springs park.

We ventured up into the jungle canopy, and took a canopy walk; crossing wobbly cable-strung walkways hanging precariously between the trees - hideous distances off the jungle floor.

I still don't like heights. We stretched the aching calves, hiking up past a waterfall with locals bathing in its cool waters, and onto the Bat Cave.

All the boys were sorely disappointed not to find Alfred tuning up the batmobile.

Few of us took in the springs themselves, for fear of disease - they were mobbed by locals and didn't look the cleanest.

That evening, we shared a barbecue at the local restaurant, where we had become regulars.

Rice wine emerged, and along with several too many Tiger beers, we echoed the Christmas Eves of many, drinking too much and feeling crap the following morning.

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