Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Troupe showcases Sarawak music in Philippines

KUCHING: The Living Heritage cultural troupe led by Matthew Ngau, a local maestro sape player, performed at the Munato International Arts and Music Festival in Sarangani, Philippines on Nov 27 to 28.

According to The Living Heritage general manager Mariana Sogim Ahin, they were the only group from Sarawak who performed at the festival.

“The festival (Munato) is the biggest festival for the tribes and natives in the Philippines to showcase their music,” said Mariana when met by The Borneo Post upon their arrival at Kuching International Airport (KIA) yesterday.

Mariana also said besides immersing themselves in the different types of ethnic musical performances, the performers were given the chance to learn and experience the different types of cultures and traditions of the tribes in the Philippines.

On Nov 28, she said the troupe travelled to Cebu Lake where another stage was set for them to showcase Sarawak’s music and dances alongside other ethnic troupes.

“We are also honoured that we are the only Sarawakian troupe who have managed to perform there,” added Mariana.

During their stay, she further said, the troupe had the opportunity to meet several top figures from the Philippines tourism industry and bumped into top boxer Manny Pacquiao in his own hotel.

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