Sunday, December 25, 2016

Backpack Anxiety and Me: Borneo - a wildlife paradise

I’m sat on a wooden swing at Tabin wildlife reserve, overlooking the hillside lodges and the jungle bridge over the Leopard river.

I can hear the flowing crystal waters and the birds singing in the trees, as I watch the butterflies hover around the bright tropical flora, it is a truly magical place.

My time so far in Borneo has been absolutely breathtaking. I had no expectations and perhaps this is one reason I have been so blown away by the country- its wildlife, natural beauty and the charm of the local people.

Following a two hour flight from KL , I arrived in Sandakan in the state of Sabah. It is a tiny little airport so I am guessing the town isn’t that big.

I am staying just one night at Four Points by Sheraton (luxury)! The hotel is gorgeous with an infinity pool and views over the sea. I spent the afternoon by the pool relaxing, feeling exceptionally blessed to be having such a great adventure.

I’m full of anticipation for this part of my travels and looking forward to seeing what Borneo has in store for me. Sandakan is a small town with very little for tourists and is really used as a stopping point for visitors to Sepilok which is where I head tomorrow.

Having been unwell in KL I haven’t eaten a proper meal for a couple of days –  just snacks – so I went to the restaurant in the hotel and ordered a delicious chicken Caesar salad.Honestly  salad has never tasted so good!

Today I travel to Sepilok Nature Resort, about 30 minutes drive from Sandakan. This place is stunning. It is a resort right next to the Orang utan sanctuary and is comprised of wooden bungalows around a beautiful lake with lots of woodland and beautiful flora and fauna.

I used my afternoon to visit the Orang utan sanctuary at feeding time as my guide explained that sometimes it can be very difficult to see the Orang-utans so I figure if I go twice I double my chances!

At this sanctuary they reintroduce captive Orang-utans back into the wild. The sanctuary covers 40sq Km of rainforest and there are around 80 orang-utans at the centre.

I spent the final part of the afternoon exploring the resort I’m staying in looking at the beautiful flora and fauna. You can see the pictures below ; the natural beauty continues to astound me. The flowers are truly incredible. the detail and the colours so beautiful.

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