Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Coral Triangle-Southeast Asia: 4 must-travel spots and activities to relish at the tip of Borneo

If you’re a travel junkie or just someone looking for the next island getaway, you cannot miss out going on a trip in the Kudat district of Sabah. Why? Besides indigenous culture and breathtaking views, Kudat offers the peace and quiet you rarely find in crowded islands.

Kudat is a town located at the northern tip of Borneo, about 190 kilometres north of Kota Kinabalu. Communities in Kudat rely mainly on handicrafts, fishing, and farming of oil, rubber, rice, vegetables, trees, and plants to earn a living.

Kudat boasts of natural attractions, biodiverse areas, and unique cultures that can be tapped for ecotourism development.

It takes at least three hours to reach Kudat from Kota Kinabalu by land travel. You can opt to take either a bus or avail car rentals to reach it.

If you’re in a hurry to enjoy the Kudat experience, you can also choose to book a plane trip. A plane ride will take you to Kudat from Kota Kinabalu in less than an hour.

CTI-Southeast Asia, a project funded by the Asian Development Bank and the Global Environment Fund, is investing in leveling up Kudat’s ecotourism efforts through a community-based ecotourism (CBET) venture. This will support Kudat in making it a top-notch ecotourism destination in Sabah.

The “authentic Kudat experience” will be the perfect travel escape for backpackers, ecotourists, cultural explorers, or travelers just wanting to uncover all there is to see in Sabah.

We listed below four places and activities that will help you make the most out of your Kudat trip. The four villages involved in CBET all have something unique to offer.

The villages of Bavang Jamal, Loro Kecil, Inukiran, and Banggi Island offer ecotourism products that will not just benefit tourists but also the villages through increased livelihood and promotion of local culture.

1. Watch the spectacular sunset in Bavang Jamal and Loro Kecil

Bavang Jamal and Loro kecil are located  in northern Sabah and it is perfect for those who love fine sand beaches and crystal-clear waters where visitors can watch magnificent sunsets. A stay at the traditional longhouse at Bavang Jamal could offer you a typical village experience where you can also engage with the local community.