Friday, July 14, 2017

Rainforest World Music Festival Book covers festival’s 20 years of song and rhythm

KUCHING: ‘Rainforest World Music Festival – 20 Years of Song and Rhythm in Sarawak’ covers Sarawak’s internationally acclaimed music festival over the last two decades.

It contains spreads of colour photographs along with information on the logistics and machinery of the festival that few think about.

It would be impossible to capture the true atmosphere and music of the festival between the pages of a book, and the authors did not bother trying.

Instead, they looked into the evolution of the venue, Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV), the complementary events and bazaars, and how other aspects of indigenous culture – crafts, food, tattoos – are being brought forward.

It’s easy to think that the book is about the festival but it is really about the people – those who pushed for it to begin, those who guided its baby steps, those who came as volunteers and stayed as part of the backbone, and those who got word out to the world.

It’s about those who went to earlier festivals, and left dreaming that one day they would be the ones on stage.