Friday, July 28, 2017

Travel Mood: Discover the best time to visit Borneo to see Orangutans with our travel experts advice

Borneo, the largest island in Asia, has more than dense rainforests, native tribes and spectacular natural beauty.

The island is full of life and is home to some of the most magnificent animal species in the world.

For many visitors to Borneo, their most outstanding moment is glimpsing a wild orangutan swinging through the jungle canopy.

Our Travelmood travel expert Sarah was lucky enough to visit this mesmerising destination.

Here, she shares the best time to visit Borneo to see orangutans.

Visit Borneo during dry season

Located off the eastern coast of Malaysia, Borneo experiences a tropical climate, high humidity, sunshine and some rainfall throughout the year.

The wetter months in Borneo tend to be between November and February, when the Northeast Monsoon hits.

The milder months, known as the dry season fall between March and October.