Sunday, August 06, 2017

Khaye_leidoscope: Our Free Trip to Kota Kinabalu and Getting 15 Passport Stamps in our Borneo Trip

Free and travel sounds good together, right? Who wouldn’t want that? Of course, we do! Luckily, we were able to get our first free trip to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia via Air Asia. Here’s how it happened.

Originally, we booked a roundtrip ticket to Miri, Malaysia thru Air Asia Airlines. We learned about their promo when we attended a travel fair.

I cannot remember the exact details such as the promo fare cost, other expenses and name of our hotels because this trip took place three years ago.

Two weeks before our flight, the airline informed us that it has been cancelled due to insufficient number of passengers. They offered us a refund, but we were determined to push through with our trip.

We called the airline to emphasize that we do not want a refund, and they must do something about it. Kudos to their team because they were efficient enough to come up with a solution.

They offered us a connecting flight via Kota Kinabalu for FREE. Without second thoughts, we grabbed their offer.

Getting 15 Passport Stamps in our Borneo Trip

Aside from free trips, we are thrilled every time we get stamps on our passports. If you travel often, you’ll realize how precious your passport is. A little book that can bring you to places.

It has been our goal to fill ours with stamps of different countries around the world. Those stamps are not just blots of ink on our passports, but they also signify the memories of our travels.

This is how our Borneo trip went. The reason why we booked a ticket to Miri was because we wanted to go to Brunei to see the golden mosques.

However, it’s quite expensive to book a direct flight to Brunei, so we opted for a cross country travel. Miri was our cheapest option. There’s a direct bus route from Miri to Brunei.