Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Wanna Travel the World Blog: Borneo

Rich in nature sights and animal sightings the island of Borneo is split into a malaysian and indonesian part.

We flew into Kota Kinabalu which belongs to the Malaysian part of the island.

Not an amazing town it is the place to get in and out of the island for most tourists.

Via public bus transport (true adventure) we went to Kinabatangan, took a little boat to get to our stay for the next three nights at the Kinabatangan River (Nature Lodge Kinabatangan Safari – 3D2N Kinabatangan Safari)

In the mornings and afternoon/evenings you take trips in small boats and discover the beauty of nature along the river.

We saw countless numbers of different types of Monkeys but were not as lucky to spot an orang-utan.

They live quite hidden and are rare to spot in wildlife it seemed.

The hotel consists of different huts and is less of a hotel feeling (the huts are quite simple but functional and clean) but offers breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as e.g. guided night walks (they give you wellies and you may want to bring or buy leech socks for the night walk – yes they do “attack”.

Make sure to not forget portable lamps to find your way following the guide.

This was an amazing experience that friends recommended and due to the small size of the place and the people per boat I’d recommend to go on such a safari.

The atmosphere especially in the evening when sun sets down, the monkey families gather to eat, feed and look for fleas is special and the odd crocodile on the river side or simply the coloring of the river are just as impressive.

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