Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wonders of nature caught in print at Sabah's Tabin Wildlife Reserve


The results of a photography contest have been hailed as a window to the natural wonders of Sabah’s Tabin Wildlife Reserve.

The contest from May to July attracted dozens of entries comprising the landscape, wildlife and plants found in the 121,000ha reserve located about an hour’s drive from the Sabah east coast town of Lahad Datu.

Judges picked the picture of a green serpent in the contrast of an orange background as the winning entry. Titled Jungle Green, the photograph was taken by Australian Robert Muir.

A striking picture of a small lizard struggling futilely on the beak of kingfisher bird as a red ant watched was picked for the second spot. The photograph titled Hope was snapped by Tawau photographer Kong Ket Leong.

Fellow Tawau photographer Winston Tai Yuk Shong walked away with the third prize with a picture of hot mud oozing out of a mud volcano.

The judges, including naturalist and publisher Datuk C.L. Chan, Iskandar Yusof of Tourism Malaysia and veteran photographers Victor Wah and Lain Hain Kong also picked Winston’s picture as having the most creative title: What nature creates, man on earth cannot create.

Two of Kong’s other entries were selected for consolation prizes and these were a photograph of a forest flower just beginning to bloom and that of a tree frog.

Three pictures contributed by Liew Loon Fatt including that of a red stick insect on a leaf, a civet and a white tailed kite were awarded consolation prizes.

Apart from the creatures, Tabin is also home to a seemingly endless variety of wildlife including the renowned Borneo pygmy elephant, bearded pigs and tambadau or wild cattle.

The sanctuary is also home to a big variety of birds. Seven species of the majestic hornbill live in the area and they include the Asian Black, Weathead, Winkled, Bushycrested and Helmetted hornbill.

The contest was organised by Tabin Wildlife Resort and Kota Kinabalu-based Intra Travel Service.

Courtesy of The Star

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