Sunday, February 26, 2006

Food Tourism - Bliss for food lovers in Brunei

By Jon Tampoi

The word 'tourism' can quite often be misjudged, misinterpreted and even mislead. Tourism is a word which means the theory and practice of touring or travelling for pleasure as well as a business of attracting and providing services to tourists.

Brunei Darussalam, despite it being small, can truly offer such a place and more to visitors and locals. With the attraction of tourism it can help generate the local economy to develop and support the country and its people as a whole.

The most unnoticed tourism hot-spot is the food industry, especially the local eateries which continues to grow dramatically. One of the country's most popular social activities is eating. Believe it or not, Bruneians generally love good food and there are numerous selections of eateries from western to eastern styled food to suit everyone's taste. Most of the food available in the country is halal unless mentioned.

One of the new eatery establishments that is highly recommended for locals and visitors is 'Charcoal'. The restaurant specialises in grilled and barbeque food as well as baked cuisines. The cosy ambience of the restaurant is great for families and patrons of all ages. The food prepared are moderately priced. They even have a signature dish which is recommended for patrons to try.

The restaurant is child-friendly as the place is decked with 'cushioned furniture' that are placed strategically. Even the beverages have a personal twist to them. It is a place for anyone who appreciates the art of food.

If such ambience does not suit your taste but open space is much preferred without the need of etiquette, the open-air market located across the Terrace Hotel in the Capital is the place to go. Open from 6pm to 2am. The food, priced from cheap to moderate, is prepared daily to customers' requests using various styles of cooking which are prepared and cooked with care in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

However, if one is a weight-watcher, refrain from eating at the market, as the choices of food are immense as well as sinfully delicious. There is an endless selection of fast food, western food and Asian food.

The open-air market promises not to burn a hole in your pocket and you can also enjoy the beautiful night sky while eating.

Another regular spot for family dinning is Pizza Hut. As a healthy fast food outlet, Pizza Hut can offer a variety of starters, meals, pizza flavours and desserts.

Yet, if one prefers Asian cuisine with a western twist, Nyonya is the best place to go. The salmon steak accompanied with garlic rice is excellent and fried to taste.

Only a few mentioned, the great variety of food available in the country is great enough to start the attraction of food tourism.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin Sunday

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