Friday, July 14, 2006

AirAsia campaign to push up Sarawak passenger load


KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia aims to boost its passenger load to Sarawak by 10% in the next five months.

To achieve this, the airline launched a joint promotion - Go Kuching Challenge - with Sarawak Economic Development Corp (SEDC) yesterday to promote the state as a tourism destination among locals.

AirAsia Bhd director Aziz Bakar said the carrier flew about 700,000 people to Sarawak last year.

“On average, 75% of our seats are taken up on each flight there,” he said.

“With the promotion, we hope to increase the average passenger load by 10% per flight. I think we can achieve this, as Sarawak has a lot to offer.”

AirAsia has 16 flights to Sarawak daily.

Go Kuching Challenge is a promotion that encourages visitors to travel with AirAsia and stay in SEDC hotels or resorts. Through such promotion, participants can take part in a series of fun and challenges at the hotel or nearby.

The promotion, which started yesterday, will end Dec 31.

Source: The Star

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