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'Cool' appeal of Crocker's Range

A road winding down Sabah's scenic Crocker's Range
Mushroom entrepreneurs unloading bottles of mushrooms
Workers carrying out a project to prevent further erosion near a road
An area used for shifting cultivation at Crocker's Range

Photos: Rahmat Bin Haji Abdul Rahman ;
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By Rahmat bin Haji Abdul Rahman

Many have called Sabah a tropical paradise. It is an apt description in more ways than one as it has no shortage of good foods, tranquil places to unwind, attractions to see and interesting activities to do. The best part is that it is summer all year round with warm weather, warm seas and warm hospitality.

Travelling from Penampang to Tambunan took this traveller past Crocker's Range, which is teeming with flora and fauna. As you ascend to a higher altitude, you feel the chill. Thin white clouds cover the mountain terrain of Crocker's Range.

Many parts of Crocker's Range are seeing construction works. Road users have to take extra precautions as some of the work sites are located at narrow, sharp bends and steep valleys.

This writer's stopped at the roadside after he was attracted by a group of rural folks on top of Crocker's Range who were unloading metal boxes. Later, he discovered that they were mushrooms producers.

The rural entrepreneurs, however, alleged that one of their "mushrooms huts" had been demolished by an "irresponsible" contractor. They have lodged a report with the police. But they have yet to receive any answers and no one has taken the responsibility of paying damages for the demolished mushroom hut. Each mushroom harvest can be worth as much as RM2,000 to RM3,000.

The mushrooms are mostly handed over to the Rural Development Cooperative of Sabah. Some of the fresh mushrooms are exported and some sold locally.

You can spend a night at one of the hotels at Gunung Emas which charge RM60 to RM80 per night. Hot tea and coffee will get cold less than five minutes after it is served and placed on the table. Halal food is available. Homesick Bruneians can also listen to Brunei radio stations from Gunung Emas as they while away the time.

Courtesy of: Borneo Bulletin Weekend

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