Monday, December 04, 2006

Come visit an Iban longhouse

ANYONE keen on visiting an Iban longhouse? The 69-year-old Rumah Benjamin Angki in Rantau Kemiding, about 5km from Kanowit, is certainly worth a visit.

For a start, it’s one of the longest and oldest traditional Iban longhouses out of the 3,577 registered in Sarawak.

Among the Ibans, the size of a longhouse or rumah panjai is measured by the number of its pintu (doors or individual family units) and this one has 60, with its whole length easily exceeding 300m.

Presently, the 60-door longhouse is rare because a typical longhouse normally has between 20 and 30 only. Another unusal feature is that longhouses are often named after the chief or the tuai rumah.

So, you will definitely be able to guess the chief of this longhouse. He’s none other than Benjamin Angki anak Kaboy, an Iban with many feathers in his cap.

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