Thursday, December 21, 2006

Driving to Kinabalu National Park - Mountain gem

The summit of Mount Kinabalu can be seen from the market
Tourists are attracted to multilingual vendors at the market
Dozens of stalls can be seen along the road
Handmade baskets sold at a stall
A vendor selling an assortment of items
Poultry is among the goods sold at the market

Photos: Mohammad Abdullah ;
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By Mohammad Abdullah

I have been to Mount Kinabalu a few times. But I had always driven past Nibalu Market. Like me, travellers often give the little marketplace a miss in order to reach the mountain resorts earlier.

The last time I was heading to Mount Kinabalu, my friends and I decided to stop over at the market for a quick break. I was amazed by the people and the atmosphere as well as the breathtaking view of Mount Kinabalu.

We were lucky to have been there when the sky parted, allowing a perfect view of the summit. On a normal day, the mountain is shrouded by clouds.

At Nibalu Market, locals sell an array of products including poultry, fish, vegetables, handicrafts and odd ointments and remedies.

The market itself isn't very big but it's very compact. Due to the influx of tourists in the area, vendors are able to converse in foreign languages such as Japanese to German, much to the delight of visitors.

There are times when we don't realise some of the wonders surrounding us while we're travelling, especially when all we think about are "destination, destination, destination". So, for future excursions, I'll try and remember this: "Stop and smell the roses and you'll be surprised by how sweet it smells."

Courtesy of: Borneo Bulletin

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drizad said...

It's "Nabalu", not Nibalu... ;-) said...

Thank you Drizad. "Nabalu" is certainly the right name.