Saturday, October 20, 2007

Do’s, don’ts at an Iban longhouse

IF you are a first-time visitor to an Iban longhouse in Sarawak, knowing the basic do's and don’ts can save you from getting into trouble.

For example, entering a room belonging to a longhouse occupant without permission can cost you dearly.

Considered rude, an offender has to pay a RM200 fine as compensation.

It is also a no no to start a fight with any villagers. A RM300 fine will be imposed.

Longhouse rules and regulations, which are applicable to everyone, including the occupants of the longhouse, are posted outside the tuai rumah or longhouse headman's room.

“The rules were made to ensure peace and harmony among those who live here,” said Jimbun anak Gong, the headman of a longhouse along Baleh River, located upstream of Kapit town in central Sarawak.

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