Monday, October 15, 2007

The unforgettable Bako National Park

KUCHING: Frolicking in the motorboat, swimming in the sea, picking shells on the beach and playing models, that was what the team of Henan (China) TV did at Bako National Park on Wednesday afternoon besides having a whale of a time.

Headed by producer of cultural section, Tian Lei, the other team members, director Geng Nan, reporters, Shi Chun Li and Chen Chen went to Bako to see for themselves the rich natural park Sarawak had to offer.

They were in the State to make a documentary film on Sarawak.

There was already an air of excitement as the four wearing life jackets decided to ‘act’ out the romancing couple, Jack and Rose in the movie, “The Titanic who stood at the bow of the Titanic with the latter’s arms stretched out.

Chen Chen decided to play Rose and asked Geng Nan to play Jack much to the amusement of the boatman and Eastern Times General Manager, Ivy Ngo who escorted the team there.

As the boat was too small to have a bow to stand on, the two decided to do it sitting down.

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