Monday, February 25, 2008

Spectacular Sabah - it's nature's gift

The following is an article about Sabah tourism in Shanghai Daily:

IN Sabah, the only thing you need to do is stroll and smile. With sacred mountains, sweeping coastlines, lush rain forests and exotic beaches, the world's third-largest archipelago seems to have been blessed by Mother Nature.

Located in the northeast corner of Borneo, Sabah was known in ancient times as the "land below the wind" as it lies below the typhoon belt. It shares the island with Indonesia to the south and Brunei and sister state Sarawak to the west.

From mountain high to ocean deep, the Malaysian state is a land of natural wonders boasting one of the world's largest rainforests.

Sabah's abundance of nature is partly due to its emphasis on eco-tourism. "Always take a bag with you for rubbish when going out,'' May, our tour guide, told us the first day we arrived in Sabah.

The "wind land" offers a tropical haven of pure green - including the rafflesia flower, the world's largest - and untainted wilderness. The 31 indigenous groups who live here such as the Kadazans, Muruts, Bajaus, Kedayans, Sulu, Bisaya, Rumanau, Minokok and Rungus speak more than 80 dialects but live harmoniously together while at the same time preserving their own unique culture, traditions and customs.

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