Saturday, February 02, 2008

Unique charm of Limbang museum

By Hj Mohd Said Arshad

Limbang Regional Museum, located near the Limbang River, was officially opened by Datuk Adenan Hj Satem, Social Development Minister on August 27, 1994.

Back in 1897, the wooden double-storey museum was an old fort during the reign of Rajah Charles Brook against native uprisings.

During the Brooke era, half of the ground floor acted as a prison, while the other half was used as storage. Later on, the upper floor was used as administrative purposes for the resident, district officer and staff.

Several government departments had also used this building until a fire brokeout back in 1989.

As it was gazetted as an historical monument back in 1985, the building was then renovated six years later, preserving its original architectural design.

In the museum, visitors can see 'Batu Ganesa', a Hindu deity bearing an elephant head, which was found at the resident's place in 1921, as well as a Jawi script gravestone.

The museum displays the history and culture of the people from the region - Malay and Kedayan indeginious groups.

At the entrance of the museum, lies a replica of a buffalo and two sets of old canon.

The museum was built to give Limbang residents an opportunity to understand the role of such historical site and also to provide a valuable lesson, whilst at the same time to attract tourists to the area.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin Weekend

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