Friday, August 22, 2008

Permai Rainforest Resort aims to be top eco-tourism destination

SANTUBONG: Permai Rainforest Resort strives to be the top eco-tourism destination in South East Asia by improving its facilities while conserving the environment.

Its manager, Rahim Bugo, believed that not many cities offered such suburban resort.

Formerly known as Camp Permai, the resort is about 35km from Kuching, with sea, rainforest, wildlife and mountain in one spot.

The renovation which had been going on for five years had not been completed, he said, adding that more changes or additional features could be expected.

“As we are doing it without any assistance, we try to make some money and renovate some.

“There are more things to come and I want to keep them as surprises for the guests,” he told journalists at the resort on Wednesday after a two-hour exploration tour followed by a high-tea.

Rahim, who began managing the resort some three years ago, said the upgrading involved building most of the 24 cabins. Three of them are still of the old design.

The tree houses have been reinforced using ironwood (belian).

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