Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sabah Tourism Upcoming Event: Sandakan Memorial Day

15 August 2008

During World War II, about 2400 allied prisoners were held in Sandakan, North Borneo. Between January to June 1945, groups of prisoners were sent on 3 separate torturous 160 mile marches from Sandakan to Ranau, known today as the infamous Death March.

Although many prisoners tried to escape, only six survived. To commemorate those who suffered and perished during this terrible time, relatives and friends in Australia have initiated August 15 as the Sandakan Memorial Day. The memorial service will be held at the Sandakan Memorial Park, which was once the site of Prisoners of War (POW) camp.

For more information, please contact the Sandakan Municipal Council at 089 275400 ext 39 or Sabah Tourism Board at 088 212121. Email

Source: Sabah Tourism Newsletter

NOTE: Photo Copyright to Sabah Tourism

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