Thursday, September 25, 2008

Padawan River Safari welcomes participants

KUCHING: This year’s Padawan River Safari is expected to be as colourful and exciting as the one held last year which saw participation from as far as Canada, Australia and England.

More than a hundred teams are expected to participate in this annual international rafting and kayaking event which will be held on October 26. It will be a true test of strength and endurance because participants will have to row over a punishing distance of 26 kilometres from Kampung Git to Kampung Dannu. To get to the finishing line, they have to get past the tricky Giam rapids first.

“This safari is an exciting activity which offers adventure and fun,” said Rangen Jamang, a member of the organising committee for the event. “It is ideal for those who love nature and water sports. Of course, I expect some participants to compete solely for the prize money.”

There will be three categories in the rafting event, namely Men’s Open, Ladies’ Open, and Tourism/government department. Each team can only have a maximum of four individuals.

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