Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sabah moves to conserve turtles, marine habitat

SANDAKAN: When the waters that surround Selingaan, Gulisaan and Bakkungan Kechil islands, were turned into a marine park and named Taman Pulau-Pulau Penyu in 1977, it was done for a certain intention.

The move was not only to protect the turtles that land on the three islands but also to conserve the coral reefs that thrive in these waters as they were a major component of the marine parks ecosystem.

Apart from being the source of food for the turtles, the coral reefs are also the habitat of other marine life in the park.

Aware of this important aspect, the Sabah Parks authorities have launched a programme to monitor the situation of coral reefs in this marine park.

According to the marine parks manager, Fazrullah Rizally Abdul Razak, the objective of the annual programme is to ensure the continuous existence of the marine habitat there, despite the focus being on the turtles.

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