Monday, February 09, 2009

Flavours from Sarawak

ONE of the ways suggested to tighten the belt during the economic downturn is to buy local products. For the average Malaysian who intends to observe this practice when it also comes to dining out, one of the calls is to support local cuisine.

Besides going easy on the wallet, the Sarawak cuisine promotion at the Putrajaya Marriott offers a deeper insight into the interesting myriad of dishes from the land of the hornbills.

Guest chefs Carrol Jalong and Wilson Uba from the Miri Marriott Hotel in Sarawak will help Putrajaya Marriott senior chef de partie Leonard Seli Lenada during the promotion ending on Feb 22.

Step into Terrace Cafe and you will be drawn to the Sarawak Ikan Bakar corner where a large mackerel lies smothered in a thick layer of ground chillies, dried shrimps, shallots, ginger and the works. A fiery dip of chopped chillies and onions are always placed next to the fish.

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