Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sarawak Pandaw Cruise’s first journey today

Historic launching seen as another milestone for state’s tourism development

SIBU: The first ever river cruise in Borneo, RV Orient Pandaw Cruise, officially starts today.

Minister of Environment and Public Health Datuk Michael Manyin Jawong described the launching of the river cruise as historic and another milestone for the development of tourism in Sarawak.

“As such, the onus now is on the people of Sarawak, particularly those staying in Sibu, Kanowit, Kapit, Sarikei, Song and Tanjong Manis, to be creative and ensure that the cruise will sustain,” he said at the official launching of the river cruise held at Burung Apu Wharf yesterday afternoon.

Second Finance Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, Paul Strachan, founder of Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, which manages Pandaw Cruise, and Datuk Tiong Thai King, chairman of Sibu Municipal Council Chairman were among those present at the launching.

Manyin went on to describe that it was easy to build or start a tourism product but to sustain it was another totally different story. He said it really needed concert efforts, from the taxi drivers to the shopkeepers, who must play their role to ensure that the cruise would be sustained for generations to come.

“We do not want the cruise to last for just one year only. We want it to last for generations to come, and believe me that is the difficult part.”

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