Monday, April 05, 2010

Murut community open house debut at Kalimaran Festival

TENOM: “Ansaluang” or Murut community open house was held for the first time yesterday at the Murut Cultural Centre here.

The inaugural open house was the much-awaited event at the Kalimaran Festival which began on Friday.

Among the food served at the open house were Murut traditional dishes like Umbud Imbalua (wild vegetables), Umbus (tapioca leaves), Lamu Binulu (rice cooked in bamboo), Linopod (rice wrapped in leaves) and others made of bamboo shoots, preserved fish and buffalo bones.

Various stage performances and dances were also performed by Murut sub-ethnic groups in the spirit of 1Malaysia.

Yet, the centre of attraction at the open house was probably Daud Udin from the Murut Lundayeh tribe who was believed to be the oldest of Murut men.

Local and foreign visitors were seen taking one picture after another with the 112-year-old man who was dressed in his traditional Murut outfit.

“This is the second time I participated in the Kalimaran festival,” said Daud who hails from Kampung Kuala Punti, Membulu in Keningau.

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